Middle School Years 6-9

The atmosphere of community and support is very strong in Bialik College’s Jewish Middle School, a function that is particularly supported by the Year Level Coordinators. The College recognises that adolescence is a period of dramatic personal and social change and prioritise the Pastoral Care program in these years.

The Middle School curriculum is deliberately flexible, enabling students the time to delve more deeply into topics in which they become engaged and to take more responsibility for their learning as they progress from Year 6 through to Year 9. Each student from Year 6 onwards, is equipped with a laptop.

Bialik’s acclaimed Year 8-9 ETGAR (Challenge) program is an avenue for students to gain important life skills, as well as to get involved with Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World).

Students spend one term of their middle school years engaged in community service and three terms exploring options as varied as aquatics, building a business, Barista and Café training, Masterchef and robotics.

Middle School students enjoy camps at Mount Buller and Wilson’s Promontory as well as a Canberra experience. A week in the City further develops their understanding of the social and economic challenges Melbournians face.


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