Blak & Bright First Nations Literary Festival - The Rosenkranz Centre for Excellence and Achievement

Wednesday, 22 Mar 2023

On Thursday 16 March, 11 students from Year 10 explored the rich history of First Nations storytelling at State Library Victoria’s special education day as part of the Blak & Bright First Nations Literary Festival. The event featured award-winning authors and playwrights, including Kirli Saunders, Lisa Fuller, Jared Thomas and Jane Harrison with the day opening with a panel introducing all these authors.  Students participated in the panel discussion and then attended writing workshops facilitated by Kirli Saunders and Jane Harrison. Following a lunch break, there was a performance of six Blak Plays in 60 Minutes featuring excerpts written and performed by two First Nations actors. 

The works included:

  • Jacky by Declan Furber Gillick 
  • Sunshine Supergirl by Andrea James 
  • Rainbow’s End by Jane Harrison 
  • Magpie by Glenn Shea 
  • Tiddas by Anita Heiss 
  • The Visitors by Jane Harrison 

The day concluded with the panel taking questions from the students in the audience. The questions ranged from the background and lives of the authors, to how they developed their writing craft, to the processes involved in getting their work published and also on to the stage or screen.