Class of 2022 - 3rd in the State

Friday, 23 Dec 2022

Kol Hakavod to our Class of 2022 for finishing 3rd in the State. 

See below a letter from Bialik Principal, Jeremy Stowe-Lindner.

Shalom Kehilla

Mazal tov to the Class of 2022 

I am delighted to be writing to you with news of the incredible set of results from our graduating class.

Following two years of intermittent school closures and lockdown learning, our graduating class were the first in three years to have their final year on campus, albeit interrupted by individual and family isolation periods. Our Class of 2022’s outstanding accomplishments, underpinned by a positive and committed approach to their studies and the support and dedication of their expert teachers, are complemented by their generous and regular community contributions. 

While it is the students’ menschlichkeit, communal activism, leadership and extra-curricular success that are most noteworthy – these are after all the building blocks of character, community and family, below are just a few of the many academic highlights of the Class of 2022. 

We are proud that over two thirds of our graduating class has achieved an ATAR above 90, placing them in the top 10% nationally – a remarkable outcome.  With a median ATAR of 93.25; (reflecting that the student in the centre of our graduating class is ranked in the top 6.75% nationally), and a median study score of 37, these numbers would be extraordinary in an academically selective school, let alone in the non-selective school that we are proud to be.  

At Bialik College we celebrate the phrase Be Your Best. Students from our Class of 2022 without exception, have lived this reality and are now ready to, as Chaim Nachman Bialik wrote, דִּרְכוּ נָא עֹז   Step Forth With Courage into the world.

Yours sincerely,
Jeremy Stowe-Lindner