Review of the Child Safety Policy

Wednesday, 19 Apr 2023

Last year we reviewed our Child Safety Policy. The Policy is on the CLE and website. Whilst most of the policy is substantively the same the following child safety initiatives have been developed as part of our determination to be best-in-class for the safety and welfare of our children. 

  • A new Volunteer Online Training Module has been developed specifically for Bialik. Even if you are not a volunteer, you may wish to complete the module by clicking here. This has been a significant undertaking and is a module supports volunteers and all of our community understand the key elements of child-safe practice at Bialik. 
  • Throughout the College are new help-seeking posters in every homeroom. These are age-appropriate and help students identify who they can go to when needing academic, social and emotional, and safety support. Below are some of our ELC, Primary, Middle and Senior posters. 
  • All of our child protection policies are publicly available on the website. This supports the wider community beyond our parent/student/staff body, to access our policies and procedures (which were previously only available on the CLE.
  • Our staff have conducted a gap analysis in their professional development time to identify further areas of improvement, and we’ll soon be inviting parents to a focus group to do review, evaluate and feedback our current policies and procedures.  Child safety is the most important part of what we do. If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please be in touch with a member of our Child Protection Team:

Deborah Reed, Head of Student Services - [email protected]
Lauren Rosenbaum, Head of Psychology and Counselling Services - [email protected]
Dan Sztrajt, Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing) - [email protected]