Rosenkranz Centre for Excellence and Achievement: National Secondary Constitutional Convention

Wednesday, 19 Apr 2023

National Secondary Constitutional Convention (NSCC): Canberra. By Aaron P, Year 11

Between the 21st and 23rd of March I was honoured to represent Bialik College and the state of Victoria at the 28th National Schools Constitutional Convention held in Canberra. 120 students from all across Australia were selected to attend this peak event exploring the Australian Constitution. The event aimed to discuss the need to amend section 128 of the Australian constitution. This section of the Constitution is very topical as it focuses on the requirements for passing a referendum.  The convention proved to be very educational and eye opening. The program was jam packed with talks from very renowned facilitators, including senior university lecturers, and prominent politicians. There was never a dull moment as students with varying views and political affiliations partook in passionate debates. My top 3 moments were the following. Firstly, attending question time at parliament house where sitting ministers addressed the most pressing political questions of the time. Secondly, having open discussions with Federal ministers including the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister. Thirdly, my most meaningful experience, was spending time with the Governor General of Australia, His Excellency General the Hon. David Hurley, and Her Excellency Mrs. Linda Hurley. The governor general and his wife hosted us at their house for refreshments and were very welcoming in participating in one-on-one conversations about their past and their role in Australian society. It was fascinating to explore their personal residence and learn about the significant historical events that took place there. Meeting the governor general would have been unfathomable if not with the NSCC program. This convention allowed me to form bonds with other high achieving students from all around Australia which I hope will be long lasting.