A new generation of entrepreneurs

Student News Friday, 27 Oct 2017

Every term, students from year 8 and 9 get to choose new electives from the many choices there are. Each elective can give you benefits for your future, and you get to have tons of fun while doing them. On the last 2 periods of every Friday, the year 8’s and 9’s band together and take part in the elective that they have chosen.

Entrepreneurship is one of the 16 elective choices that provide lots of fun and excitement on Friday afternoons. Guided by Amy Ho, students from year 8 and 9 every term get to have an experience to learn about public relations and marketing.

Entrepreneurship prepares students well for future jobs, such as being a salesman or anything to do with writing or presenting. Entrepreneurship is one of 16 choices, but it expands with-in. The students get allocated to a portfolio, with about 2-3 students in each group. College Notices, Instagram, Assembly, Marketing with the Middle school, and marketing with ETGAR. There was also a bonus portfolio this term, making a song.

In the College Notices portfolio, you get to have 2 hours every Friday to write an article about any ETGAR elective of your choice. If you choose to do Instagram, you get full access to the Bialik ETGAR page (@bialik_etgar). If you get to choose Marketing with the Middle school, you get the opportunity to help Karen Glanc with issues if she needs you, including things like organizing Health and Wellbeing days, it is similar to Marketing with ETGAR. Marketing with ETGAR gives you the opportunity to go around to each ETGAR elective, and help the students and teachers with anything they need throughout their elective. Making a song involves coming up with lyrics to do with the Bialik ETGAR, recording you singing them, making a music video and having fun with it!

Entrepreneurship is just one of the many electives that can give you confidence to help people when they need it, or get a job in the future. The ways you can remember these Marketing and Public relations skills are infinite, and they can be useful if you ever need to engage a large audience into anything.

- Article by Ruby and Gabriella -