Music Tuition Awards

Bialik College offers Music Tuition Awards to students entering Years 6 – 12 in 2023 who demonstrate potential for excellence in music. These music scholarship awards will be granted via an audition. A Principal’s interview may also form part of the process. An annual review of all tuition awards will be undertaken by the Music department.

General information:

The Tuition Award covers music tuition conducted at the College for the duration of 1 semester only. The cost of books, stationery and examination fees is not covered by the award.

All auditions this year will be face to face on campus. Application form and PDF documents are to be sent to [email protected] with the subject line MTA23 (Student Surname) by 5pm on Monday 7 November 2022.

Application Form

Conditions and Requirements

Applicants who play more than one instrument in their audition will only be awarded a Tuition Award in one of the instruments presented, to be determined in consultation with the Head of Music.

Please note: Individuals can hold only one scholarship / bursary / award at any time.


Students are required to perform two contrasting pieces on the instrument for which they are applying. Students auditioning on two instruments will need to play 2 contrasting pieces for each instrument.

Students are required to organise their own accompanist.

Apart from performing the chosen works, the candidate will be asked to play a selection of scales as follows in 3 keys of their choice:

  • The Major scale and Major Pentatonic Scale (compulsory) and a choice of either a) Harmonic Minor or b) Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • Sight Reading – the applicant will be asked to sight read a short suitable piece
  • Improvisation – the applicant will be asked to improvise in a creative way
  • Pitch Discrimination – the applicant will be asked to discriminate between pitches and do some basic melodic-based aural exercises.
  • Rhythmic Imitation – the applicant will be asked to imitate some basic rhythmic patterns.

Expectations of Award recipients:

Recipients will be required to take part in the musical life of the College. This includes attendance at lessons, Music classes, rehearsals and specified classroom music classes.

Recipients will be expected to participate in the Music Elective Program (Yr 7-10).

In addition to the above, successful candidates must participate in at least one of the following ensembles that has a specific need for their instrument:

  • Bialik Vocal Experience (Yr 6-12 only) – choir
  • Amazon Rhythms – specialist percussion group (Yr 6-12 only)
  • The Middle Groove – Middle School Contemporary Band – (Yr 6-9 only)
  • The Jazz Groovers – Senior Contemporary Band (Yr 10-12 only)
  • Contemporary Wind Ensemble ‘Norm’s Horns’ (Yr 7-12)

Review process:

An interim review meeting may be conducted between the student, parents and the Music department to ascertain the ongoing tenure of the Tuition Award based on the progress of the student and the commitment and contribution to the musical life of the College.

This review will assess any objectives set by the Music department with the student at the beginning of the year.

The Music department will make a recommendation to the Principal regarding the continuation of the Tuition Award.

Music Tuition Award criteria:

  • Performance of work – Technical ability
  • Performance of work – Musicality
  • Scales - The Major scale and Major Pentatonic Scale and a choice of either a) Harmonic Minor or b) Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • Sight Reading
  • Improvisation
  • Pitch Discrimination
  • Rhythmic Imitation

The criteria, as set out above, will assist the adjudication panel in determining a student’s eligibility for a Bialik College Music Tuition Award. When assessing the student against each criterion, the auditioning panel will take into consideration the applicant’s musical background.